Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Fifa 12

Hey guys! Today I want to share some new news (haha xD) to you.

About this game

"FIFA Soccer 12 brings to the pitch the game-changing new Player Impact Engine, a physics engine built to deliver real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch. Experience the way real-world players challenge each other for the ball, win possession, and test each other physically. Enjoy an infinite variety of natural and believable outcomes in every collision. Players feel more resilient, push and pull during the fight for possession, and recover from light challenges more easily.
Revolutionary gameplay innovations make FIFA 12 deeper and more engaging. All-new Precision Dribbling creates a higher fidelity of touch on the ball for better control in tight spaces, more time to make decisions on attack, and more control over the pace of the game. Defending has been re-designed to make it as skilful and meaningful as the real-world game with all-new Tactical Defending, where positioning and intercepting passes are as important as tackling. Tactics and timing are crucial.
CPU players have been infused with Pro Player Intelligence, a self-awareness that enables them to behave and make decisions based on their own skills and tendencies, and gives them the aptitude to understand the strengths and weaknesses of teammates in every situation. Transformed to look and feel fresh and new from pre-match to final whistle, FIFA Soccer 12 delivers an authentic Match Day experience, faster and easier navigation, and over 500 officially licensed clubs"

Multiplayer Functions
  • Online Versus Multiplayer (22 Players)
  • 7 Local Co-Op Players
Some features:
  • Player Impact Engine—Two years in development, the new physics engine is built to deliver real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch. Experience an infinite variety of natural and believable outcomes in every contact. Players feel more resilient on the ball, push and pull during the fight for possession, and recover from light challenges more easily, preserving their natural momentum.
  • Precision Dribbling—Enjoy new ways to take on opponents, more time on the ball to make decisions, and complete control of the pace of the game. Utilize close dribble touches in tight spaces, on the wings, and even while fending off an opponent.
  • Tactical Defending—Innovations in attack are balanced by a re-designed defending mechanism. Defending is now as strategic as attacking with all-new Tactical Defending, which fundamentally changes the approach to defending by placing equal importance on positioning, intercepting passes and tackling.Tactics and timing are crucial.
  • True Injuries—The Player Impact Engine monitors contact between players in real-time, analyzing the force of the collision and impact on the body to detect real injuries, creating a deeper more challenging Career Mode. Manage new types of injuries and the risk of sending a player onto the pitch who isn't fully healed.
  • Pro Player Intelligence—CPU players have been infused with self-awareness and aptitude, enabling them to make decisions based on their own skills as well as the strengths and attributes of their teammates. Players who possess exceptional vision, for example, will see opportunities for through balls that other players won't. Real Madrid's Kaka will be more likely—and quicker—to pick out a run from a teammate farther away than a player with poorer vision. Additionally, teams will vary their attack based on the strengths of their players on the pitch, and the weaknesses of opposing players, creating a more authentic experience and greater variety of matches.
  • New Presentation—Matches now have a real-world broadcast look and feel. Dramatically improved lighting, more authentic crowds, and a new default camera make every game feel special.
  • Easier Navigation—Redesigned menu system for fast and easy navigation, featuring customizable Main Menu based on arena player, Virtual Pro and favorite club.
  • Complete Authenticity—Over 500 officially licensed clubs and more than 15,000 players.

 The realease date is on Q3 2011!





  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome game!

  2. meh, I've never been into sports games.

  3. They keep getting better and better. Stoked.

  4. I am waiting for the day we can step into a video game...kinda like Tron. Followed

  5. I'm not big on soccer games but them graphics look amazing.

  6. I hope you play real soccer and not just pretend soccer.

    Also, please take off spam verification, its annoying.

  7. I am hopeless when it comes to this game.

  8. Fifa 12 im for sure getting this game, considering that i already have all of them. ") im not missing out on this one. +follow

  9. love soccer! and pretty good at this game too ;) +followed

  10. im real fifa addict!
    good post.

  11. not really a fan of soccer games but it looks nice

  12. Very in depth post, I haven't played a soccer game since I had an SNES haha

  13. I'm a huge fan of FIFA, can't wait to get this game since I didn't get FIFA 11.

  14. Never really been a Fifa-er, only got the year when Cambridge United were in the league still (05/06 mebbe) :/