Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Assassins Creed Revelations

Hey guys!

Did you hear something about Assassins Creed Revelations?

I did! The release of the game is in November 2011!

Here are some informations which became known:
- The Mainperson Ezio is now 50+ years old.
- Spying and fighting now in Constantinople. The town is divided in four big districts (Constantin,Beyazid,Imperial,Galata). A part of the game will take place in a town in turkey!
- Instead of an Animus is Ezio looking for a seal which contains the memories Altair,so he  can dip in Altairs life.
- Of course are new weapons and armors available,e.g. can you create a bomb on your own!

The favorite multiplayer mode is even available,but the main stuff is based on the story.

Here is a trailer you can watch on youtube!

I really want to buy it and I will buy it!
Assassins creed is awesome,and I'm really glad about it!


  1. the assassin creed series have been awesome, going to buy the new one

  2. I like assassins creed but they have been going overboard with the collectibles

  3. I downloaded that trailer right after it debuted during the E3 press conference and watched it like 50 times after that.